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Zuiikin Gals

I have no fucking idea what this is, but I couldn't make it more than half way through before bile began working its way up my throat.


by TiredGuy

submitted June 15th 2006

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i love how american culture is popular in japan, and japanese culture is popular in america.
12 years ago
I was laughing within the first second. If my life had a soundtrack then this would be the hidden track.
12 years ago
haha, that was certainly interesting, atleast there was no shiting or pissing going on
12 years ago
THis is really interesting. Actually "wtf" just flew right out the window. I think helloimbiziagh has it correct.
12 years ago
Obviously a tribute to Gov. Schwarzenegger's leadership abilities from our friends across the big pond. Or maybe a tone poem about his social life.
12 years ago
...I can't help but think that this was just some fucked up taiso (aka exercise) video.
12 years ago
Para Para!
12 years ago
I am so confused. The Japanese are strange people.
12 years ago
Hey now! They're gonna give us the PS3! That gives them immunity from scrutiny. They can go on a prom date with Santa Claus on the moon for all I care. :) I just want next gen console action.
12 years ago
Next we'll be hearing Mr. Hiroku jokes.
12 years ago
This was a travel Engrish course for the anti-social combo sissy self defense course.
12 years ago
I actually watched the whole damn thing. And now i have this incredible urge fly to japan, bitch slap all of them repeatedly while saying "Dont talk back to me slut."

Then Fuck all 6 of them in the ass while tattooing on each of their backs. (I will never take "talk back" lessons again)

Then i'll shit on them to respect their native cultures before flying back home.
12 years ago
Oh im not gay or anything, but anyone whos openly willing to do that stupid ass dance or work out or what ever the hell that was, deserves to be painfully fucked up the ass.
12 years ago
could be used to torture prisoners (or POWs like Guantanamo Bay - if they really are POWs) or people sat at home on their PC
12 years ago
that really hurt my brain<br>
a lot<br>
like too much<br>
i want to die now
12 years ago
Now i know where my japanese wife learns how to hate on me in engrish, no more fucking TV for the little rice eating bitch
12 years ago
all i could think of was "the birdie song"

such painful memories
12 years ago
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