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160 Seconds and Your up to Date

If you missed it....


by DangerousDug

submitted January 28th 2014

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Must be the redneck spelling of "you're."
4 years ago
Actually it is the dumb ass version
4 years ago
NFL summed up in 1 emote

* Barret runs commercials *
4 years ago
Go Seahawks!

* smerf 12th mans *
4 years ago
fuck off with your pikey handegg talk
4 years ago
Fuck off with your Canadian stick biscuit.
4 years ago
oh no you di'int...
4 years ago
fuck rap karaoke with you now. imma come up to washington and we're gonna throw down for a rap battle.
4 years ago
Beware: I bust out the pipes.
4 years ago
4 years ago
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