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ninja love

once you go black, you never go back...ALIVE


by hxcnow

submitted June 14th 2006

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wow my friend just showed me like 4 of these last night on youtube. pretty damn funny.
12 years ago
I know the guy who makes these. He's a pretty funny dude.
12 years ago
hella old
12 years ago
So... I wonder if he flips out and kills people. Cuz ninjas are mammals.

12 years ago
also<br>hippopapotomauses are mammals<br>this was fucking great<im totally gonna go beat off<br>its gonna be so sweet ill kill a toddler
12 years ago
that was actually better than I expected, pretty funny.
12 years ago
anyone else think that this guy sounds just like ben stiller? :p
12 years ago
All the episodes are quite easy to find. I must admit I can't help but smirk at most of them.
12 years ago
haha pretty good, pretty good indeed.
12 years ago
theres alot more funnier ones
like #17
12 years ago
Link us would you bugmenot
12 years ago
You can tell it's old because he doesn't have the hand-wrap-thingies. There's a bunch on youtube (search askaninja).

12 years ago
I don't know this guy, but he's acurately described my wife. And now he's gonna kill her? Is it Christmas already?
12 years ago
just search for the other 20 eps on there
yea hes not wearing a ninja uniform its just a black shirt
12 years ago
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