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The most annoying song in the world

Someone kill this guy, please!

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by Mako

submitted June 14th 2006

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I've still got to give the nod to <insert any song by Metallica here>.
11 years ago
This sounds like basically every rap song of all time.
11 years ago
man this is the best song in mexico
11 years ago
whats the name of this song lol its the stupidest song i,ve ever heard
11 years ago
this cant be real<br>when my little sister was 6 she would run around the house singing gibberish that sounded better than this crap
11 years ago
I would guess the name of this song is ....Shakarun...

Or ..Blie bleggh Biee Be bep
11 years ago
10 bucks to sumone who can gimme the name of this song...................

no im being serious
11 years ago
It's called Chacarron.


Guess what. There's actual lyrics.

11 years ago
I was told that this was indeed a Mexican pisstake of recent rap videos.
11 years ago
Its was better when the video is clear and you can just look at all the hot chicks.
11 years ago
11 years ago
That was halarious! Any song that makes fun of Shaggy style music and rap is great.
11 years ago
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