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No not a funny Jones shop, just the gayest song/music video i know, something about this song gets to me and makes me cringe.

music videos

by Barret

submitted January 19th 2014

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Heres another one for you - I think my quota of gay bullshit has been filled up for the night. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UtYkBNJshQ
5 years ago

More awesome Danish music.
Would sub but no video.
5 years ago
Thank god you fucked up the audio on this one.
5 years ago
* Barret turns volume to 3% and checks *
5 years ago
lol, downloaded from the same place, the same format...
5 years ago
Resub it
5 years ago
It was never meant to be.
Too gay for Mucho.
5 years ago
Fuck i can still hear it in my head :(
5 years ago
i jerked off a lot to barbie girl
5 years ago
How many did you have and did you also have the Dreamhouse playset?
5 years ago
*wop woop*
5 years ago
Wop ? Typical racist German
5 years ago
those are trombone noises you racist
5 years ago
I suppose that's what Hitler would have claimed too
5 years ago
These were quite big back in the day , not sure how this would make this moocho worthy
5 years ago
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