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American Idol Spoof

Hes back to do more parodies! Nails all of em :)


by DejaVu

submitted June 12th 2006

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Not terrible.
12 years ago
eh... needed more than one guy doing the whole thing....
12 years ago
i love this guy! this shit is fuckign hilarious, just as the 'snakes on a plane' sketch!
12 years ago
well I gotta say...I liked the Bush impersonation, actually made me laugh. Maybe this guy's better than I thought..but...who ARE the judges? I know one of'em is the ..producer of Blue Oyster Cult..something like that.
12 years ago
^It's Christopher Walken, Joe Pesci, and Jack Nicholson.
12 years ago
DERK??? what? yeah, okay. Anyway... he can sound like them, but goddamn shouldn't use it in anything close to that fucking context.
12 years ago
Thanks Epstrin...uhh what ammonia?
12 years ago
Who is this dude anyway?
12 years ago
yeah im with ammonia, he has impersonation talent, but the problem with alot of impersonaters is they cant write. ill laugh at his stuff when he can come up with a more original scene, and less boring lines.
12 years ago
ehhhhh the joe pesci shit was pretty funny...and nothing christopher walken does is rarely ever funny, somthing with just those two togeather might be good.

On the other hand, he seems to have a few problems with the jack nicholson thing, and the impressions he did with steve irwin and el presidente on crack really kinda went down the tube.

biziagh is right though, this probably would be alot better if he came up with somthing thats not done as often
12 years ago
derk, they were separate, iwas saying wht? yeah, okay. to you. The aord anywa implies that the rest is my comment about the video. I couldn't believe you thought that was bush, and the producer of the blue oyster cult. That's like me mistaking Missy Elliot for Tanya Tucker.That's what I meant. It was meant to be more of a friendly tease than anything else. sorry.
12 years ago
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