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Welcome Home Soldier


by DangerousDug

submitted January 18th 2014

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A cat would just look at you for a sec while still laying down not giving a fuck.
4 years ago
Since my story got lost in the crash....

I once left town for only a week and I got a similar greeting from my cat on my return. Except with cat-like dignity and grace.
4 years ago
as heartwarming as this is, i always am creeped out when pet owners refer to themselves as "mommy" or "daddy"
4 years ago
Did you miss Daddy?

4 years ago
it IS creepy, right?

worse: that porn line "who's your daddy?"

worst: elderly couples without kids referring to each other as "ma" and "pa"
4 years ago
I agree this video is cute, but the dude talking creeped me out
4 years ago
repost faggot
4 years ago
Pst! The crash of 2014...
4 years ago
link or gtfo
4 years ago
I'll gtfo then
4 years ago
recover password
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