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for future use and so I don't get banned from imgur


by xzekiel

submitted January 9th 2014

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lrn 2 meme text fgt
5 years ago
also "i lol'ed my face off" wouldve been funnier
5 years ago
You won't get banned from imgur long as you keep your album private, i think...
I put some sick shit there over the 2 last year and still no trouble.

Like that time i broke into jrobs imgur account and pasted a 100 copies of this in there.

5 years ago
my "album"

5 years ago
btw that's ol' circle head isn't it?
5 years ago
Nah just some random guy that no one knows who is.

Yeah douche, sign up on imgur and use your album...makes it easier to organize the links, rather then saving a bookmark for everyone. You won't regret it!
5 years ago
Like I save links
5 years ago
So you upload to imgur, link it once, then forget the link, and leave the picture there to linger on the interwebs for all time...

* Barret feels his ocd muscles twitch violently *
5 years ago
I'm a free spirit
5 years ago
Kek? Bur!
5 years ago
recover password
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