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Hottie Drop It Like It's Hot


Hot body, mediocre quality. She drops it like it's hot 18+


by Derk

submitted June 11th 2006

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puffy pussy, i hope someone is fucking her.
12 years ago
I usually don't comment on the T&A here....but GODDAMN!!!!!
12 years ago
OMG its the lass from my chipshop in ulverston cumbria uk lmao wait till i tell her
12 years ago
actually, she does, or used to, work in thunder road in kirkcaldy (scotland) this video has been firing from phone to phone round here. her name is fern
12 years ago
that girl has cancer on her ass
12 years ago
After reading the description and confusing 'Derk' for 'Theck', I almost didn't watch this video. I could see this as another 'she dropped something like its hot, now she's embarrassed about it and and daddy is mad at her' video.
12 years ago
Yep..she's one fine blonde
12 years ago
12 years ago
shes attractive? how the fuck can u tell? all i saw was blurr?
doesnt matter as long as shes a skinny fuk i suppose
12 years ago
I´d hit that
12 years ago
the best thing about this was the song...
12 years ago
Nice eyes
12 years ago
she was built just like a Barbie doll. in that she had no vagina.
12 years ago
Whatever happened to rock n' roll?
11 years ago
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