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God gives and God taketh away

Man claims his wife got rid of her ovarian cancer much thanks to him praying to a huge crucifix. Later that same crucifix falls over and crushes his leg, causing him to lose it entirely.


by loslobos

submitted January 5th 2014

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It says a lot that they mention nothing of the medical treatment his wife was obviously recieving, that actually cured her. Fucking mainstream media.
5 years ago
Completely agree my son.
* Barret falls over mako *
5 years ago
A single screw on the base?..wtf?..We need a structural engineer in the house. Pronto!
5 years ago
1/4" Diameter bolt sticking out 1" from the ground will support a heavy ass, marble cross that weighs at least 500 to 900 pounds.
5 years ago
it was a trade, he should be glad his wife's cooter cancer went bye bye
5 years ago
that amused me
5 years ago
i bet you if this guy was wealthy he wouldnt have lost his leg for sure.
5 years ago
and his wife would have been cured also.
5 years ago
The Good Lord works in mysterious ways.
5 years ago
He needs a good Jewish lawyer.
5 years ago
I think he tried scarifying himself for his wife's life.
5 years ago
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