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Crazy Person Human Torch

Flame on.


by yak

submitted June 10th 2006

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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ive seen better he wasnt really even on fire all that long
12 years ago
i think Ryoga is a better flamer
12 years ago
Hahahah... I like how he jerked after the flames started.... He was like thinking "FUCK!! Bad Idea!!". I dont know whats worse though, A mild charring or breathing that fire extinguisher powder!!
12 years ago
I think you should have sad bigger flamer, not better flamer, and I also think that ryoga's alot smarter, cooler, and has more friends than you do. And that guy was nowhere near a torch.
12 years ago
damn protesters, charcoaling on our doorsteps.
12 years ago
Gotta love German
12 years ago
I've found the best way to put them out is throw sand in their face and beat it out with a shovel.
12 years ago
if he was hardcore he would have just started casualy walking down the street as his skin melted off him... pussy
12 years ago
Richard Prior wannabe?
12 years ago
the crazy bitch running away needs to calm the fuck down, didn't catch a word the presenter said.
7 years ago
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