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Sometimes life sucks

A litle gore for the masses.


by Mako

submitted June 10th 2006

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Hahaha... I like how they shot the guys thumb off. It didnt seem to phase him much.
12 years ago
"At least he didnt suffer"
12 years ago
humans could be sooo much more than we are.
12 years ago
ok, someone tell what this is about as I am too chicken shit to watch it
12 years ago
The last clip reminded me of the beginning to that "2001 a space odyssey" movie except they weren't chimps in this clip.
12 years ago
that last bit was the worst..iunno..the rest was meh lol.
12 years ago
After watching Hostile, I can sort of tolerate these clips a little better.

12 years ago
^ oops I meant Hostel... My bad
12 years ago
is it the one where chechnyan rebels shoot a finger off of a russian soldier?
12 years ago
^ followed by 2 other videos of different nature. Burning a guy who doesn't seem to give a damn, and a town of people cheering and kicking/hitting a guy laying on the road probably dying.
12 years ago
indeed...sometimes life does suck. damn that soldier took that bullet like a champ
mustve been in complete shock and disorientation before the trigger was pulled
12 years ago
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