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dubai speed bump video Video

It sucks for the Lamborghini Gallardo


by bizone

submitted June 7th 2006

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WTF was that...super gay vid
12 years ago
It's only gay if your father is in it :-p

Damn, I submitted this a long time ago. I hope my other vids get posted
12 years ago
WTF. Must be shitty post day.
12 years ago
Can someone PLEASE explain to my why I always see these videos from the middle east of people just trashing $100,000 and UP vehicals and all lined up speeding in the streets.
12 years ago
Shows you how you could be filthy rich (from a global standard), in a filthy rich country and yet the only entertainment at night is down at the local speed bump.
12 years ago
One word: Petrodollars.
12 years ago
I've been to Dubai. They're getting the money from under their feet as well as international investment.
12 years ago
Well with all that money you think they could afford a decent camera.
12 years ago
LOL @ chairman
12 years ago
heh, its nice to hear Arabs laugh
12 years ago
Let's repost this again so it can be even better.....
12 years ago
looks like some of the drivers were surprised at the speedbump being there. did the 'camera team' drag it there for the take or what?
even if i had the ability to shit jewels and piss liquid gold i wouldn't do that to a good sportscar. if they can't appreciate what they own they could just send their stuff to me...
12 years ago
repost and no lambo
12 years ago
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