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I accidentally gave this card to my mom. Happy 3d day of Yolomas to you all. My 100th post. *throws confetti*


by JerkStore

submitted December 17th 2013

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Nice post.
5 years ago
Agreed, this is shit.

P.s. How is the Big King?

P.p.s. I'll never agree with you again.
5 years ago
P.p.p.s. Who are you again?
5 years ago
Sorry for the lack of quality dudes, i was in a rush to get something posted before 12EST.... long day at the office. Happy Yolodays nonetheless :)
5 years ago
thatdude, you can just make me some elvis fries and fuck off
5 years ago
I need 1000 of these,.. pronto..
5 years ago
the card should have burst into flames at the end of the song
5 years ago
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