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The Scampering Dead

End of the world don't mean shit when you got nuts.


by ClaudeBallz

submitted December 14th 2013

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Clod you're fucking nuts
5 years ago
So focused on putting nuts in his mouth that he forgoes sleep and falls over in a narcoleptic, ball gargling stupor.

Kinda reminds me of someone here.
5 years ago
* fries-please needs more clues *
5 years ago
It's drunk
5 years ago
How the fuck goes it get anything done or stay attached to trees?
5 years ago
well, it probably is actually drunk on fermented crab apples or pumpkin or something.
5 years ago
It's a squirrel .... It's not like it has any work to do
5 years ago
Pretty sure that is narcolepsy....
5 years ago
This version of the music sounds far too scifi.
5 years ago
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