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Skate Crashes



by Stephen

submitted June 5th 2006

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Most weren't brutal enough but there were a few gems. Also shows you why people don't have much patience for people who don't have much regard for trying tricks near other people's cars.
12 years ago
not very brutal, but funny as hell!! the kid at the end was the best, but i also liked the guy who landed his backflip but crashed in a bmxer afterwards, pure gold, i want more!!
12 years ago
omg that kid at the end! tbh id probably be the same if i just snapped my arm
12 years ago
decent mix, i liked the flow of it. plus most of it was shot in SF
12 years ago
that mexican dude passed out was great lol. they used to play this tape at the local skate shop here. too bad I was never into skating.
12 years ago
oh yeah that sucks with the kid at the end... but the funniest part is when that kid fucking kicks his board into the ledge really fast, and it flips back towards him and hits him in the back of the head... hehe
12 years ago
Looks like this was a clip from some skater movie...that's why it wasn't brutal MuchoSucko style...
12 years ago
It's from 411vm:911. The whole video is nothing but slams, these weren't brutal but there were some serious head injuries not seen in this clip.
12 years ago
Does anyone know what band that is playing the music for the clip? Good stuff I tell you
12 years ago
Well just about everyone there knew how to fall...except fatboy...I hate skeletons...especially broken ones...
12 years ago
the song is "Rubberball" by the Alternative Allstars.

and this is a repost.
12 years ago
Pretty good compilation.

LMFAO at the guy doing the stunt over the drunk tho. That was good.

Guy that nearly got run over dodged a bulled.

And the guy that nearly kileld the cat :D
12 years ago
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