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Bikers broken foot

video of his broken foot.


by Stephen

submitted June 5th 2006

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Couldn't have happened to a more deserving dumbarse.
12 years ago
woah, the first biker ever to succesfully attempt the "benihana wheelie to foot 180", i´m impressed!!
12 years ago
i am looking forward to the next vid when he attempts a wheelie in his invalid car.
12 years ago
They should hand out motorcycles for free if the recipients agree never to wear helmets. Thin the herd some more.
12 years ago
Yeah that was a hilarious quote.

[Asshole with foot dangling from a severely-broken ankle:] "Oh, it hurts so bad!"

[Asshole friend:] "It's OK though; it's not that bad."
12 years ago
"It's okay it's not that- OH MY GOD IS THAT YOU'RE FOOT?"
12 years ago
Love the way the guy really hurries to the accident scene :D
12 years ago
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