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Disgraceful Behavior


This girl is a saleswoman going round to a clients house to talk to him. On the way however, the 'worst' happens, and she ends up in a very dirty 'bonding experience' with the client. 18+


by Theck

submitted June 5th 2006

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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i seriously dont get it...
12 years ago
this is not even cool anymore.
12 years ago
That's what I mean by the Japs are still winning.
12 years ago

I glad she removed her shoes before entering his house after shitting on his steps.
12 years ago
I do love Thecks descriptions, instantly get a STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM THIS VIDEO vibe.
12 years ago
I hate videos like this. That was a beautiful girl. I'd love to see her clean and naked.
12 years ago
RyogaVee, was it EVER cool?
12 years ago
I guess thats what happens when you drop two huge atomic bombs on a country...60 years later they'll start making scat films.
12 years ago
I want someone to tell me since when it is arousing to see a woman defecate.
12 years ago
Why can't she just deliver pizza like everyone else?
12 years ago
she can deliver a pizza....WITH SAUSAGE!
12 years ago
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