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Bootie Chicks

Ghetto bootie shaking.


by yak

submitted June 4th 2006

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zzzz...zzzz oh grease...zzzz zzzz zzzzz oh look..zzzz
12 years ago
and now ladies and gentlemen the guys at bangbros do what....try to direct a music video.
12 years ago
I love knowing that these women will never amount to more then being in this video and getting a towel to wipe the mess I'll make off their face. By mess I mean shit.
12 years ago
Very imaginative. Nice beat. Good to dance to. I'll give it a rollz eyez.
12 years ago
Oh yeah, their faces sure didn't say they were only in it for the $50.
12 years ago
actualy the one with the green tube top and white skirt won a reality show on VH1....but i guess thats not that high on the scale above being in this video.
12 years ago
Not bad. Next time they should do it naked.
12 years ago
if these girls were made by Lipton they would be Nas-Tea
12 years ago
is the chick in green really hoopz from flavor of love?
12 years ago
nada, how long have you been waiting to say that? And yeah, the grease was gross, and the faces and clothes leave alot to be wanted, but they had nice thick thighs.
12 years ago
fat asses are never hot.
12 years ago
Fat asses are never hot??? Man, you is gay to the fullest fool. Oh, I see, you like to get pumped in the colon w/ yo' queer ass. Actin' like you ain't feelin' them hoes.
11 years ago
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