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Poop Eater

Guy eats poop. Pretty nasty stuff.


by Stephen

submitted June 3rd 2006

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what is it with americans and eating shit? they even have it in their language, "hey dude, eat shit.." or "man, this guy shit all over you didnt he..".
last time i came here i saw a video of some american eating shit, now again...oO
you guys better put some salt on those turds next time before you gulp them down ;D
12 years ago
yeah i know right. americans and all their shiteating videos. fuckin ridiculous.
12 years ago
"Good job john?" ??!?!? In terms of shit eating that was a poor effort. But to be fair that was the most realistic response I've seen for a while...and just shows how fucked up those people are who actually do this stuff without spewing their guts up. I wouldnt even get as far as picking the turd up. But then none of us would be that fucked up to try and do it in the first place. Fucking sick, fucking shit videos, urghhhh
12 years ago
why do it? why watch someone do it? why take a video of someone doing it? why compliment him on the good job afterwards? the world makes me sick sometimes....
12 years ago
i thought it was funny, but then again, i find some very unappropiate things very fucking funny.
12 years ago
Those silly Americans...
12 years ago
I wonder if corn digests the second time around?
12 years ago
Why do people think this has anything to do with where you live? "If you're born between these imaginary lines, you're bound to do this.". I'm American and this is fucking disgusting. Why the hell would you want to do this AND make a video of it? Sick fucking kids.
12 years ago
i was being sarcastic, but eh, oh well.
12 years ago
The Darwin awards should create a Charles Darwin evolutionary enforcment agency. They should have the right to shoot people on site.
12 years ago
12 years ago
It's too late SavageHenry, the damage is irreversable. Welcome to post Jackass America
12 years ago
StemZombies can be taken down...dont waste your ammo on their bodies...put in between their eyes!

Lock and Load!
12 years ago
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