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Cars vs People

some old ones, good slow mos. shitty music


by Stephen

submitted June 3rd 2006

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Ah the old group B rally cars. All very brutal but in particular was that marshall getting hit by the nascar.

What you don't see in the first F1 accident is that the driver who hits him (coincidentally the teammate of the already parked car) got the fire extinguisher in the face which killed him as instantly as the car had killed the stupid fire marshall and caused his car to keep accelerating all the way down the straight and into the wall at turn 1.
12 years ago
music was somewhere in between "eye of the tiger" and Immortal.
12 years ago
Shit chairman,thats some fucked up shit,i would like to see the video of the aftermath of the fire extinguisher hit!
12 years ago
Aftermath has been submitted for posting.
12 years ago
i think the music was "bal-Saggoth." Anyone else agree?
12 years ago
haha the music fit, it was all "behold me splendor!" as it mowed down the bikers
12 years ago
yup, bal-sagoth "callisto rising"
12 years ago
wow. seen them all before, but it's still insane to watch that shit.
12 years ago
Damn, makes me want to lock myself up in a tank next time I go outside. That slow-mow of the Nascar was way too disturbing, (yet I couldn't stop watching, damn my morbid-fascination).
12 years ago
cars 1
people 0
12 years ago
I like the 2nd to the last one.

2 guys: We'll stop him!

last guy: I'll have to block his back tyre with my leg!
12 years ago
I think its a repost, but still sick.
12 years ago
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