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Epic stage dive

Apparently this sent two people to the hospital


by Jones

submitted November 19th 2013

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In contrast http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6cPlsJAYzA
4 years ago
He walked away with only bruises but some fans got the shit end of the deal. Some chick got a broken arm and another fan was knocked out. He will be getting sued tomorrow but, one hell of a leap.
4 years ago
I guess he didn't give a fuck.
4 years ago
I guess throwing poo on your audience isn't shocking enough anymore.
4 years ago
hopefully at the next show, the fans will run out of the way, and this guys "music" career will come to an end
4 years ago
Geezus, what a dumbass
4 years ago
He wasnt stage diving, he was trying to commit suicide to get out of that shitty show
4 years ago
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