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Boat vs Wave

Not much of a mystery which one wins this battle.


by yak

submitted June 2nd 2006

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Malcom would be better off letting that heap of shit sink to the bottom of the ocean ...collecting the insurance and getting a better boat... broke his main mast?...And his engine died! I would not take a pos like that out into open water..
12 years ago
Dear Malcolm*
If u are so stupid as to bring not only yourself but your young daughter into open ocean with 20 foot swells in a boat that looks like it could be sunk by a fatguy's cannonball, then u should have your insurance voided, your offspring reposessed, and your testicles removed.
Yours Truly, Moi

12 years ago
just a thought
12 years ago
I agree...
12 years ago
I second the motion ...
12 years ago
I third it...
12 years ago
I though it was a pretty nice boat before it got trashed by the "ferocious sea." I've gone boogie baording in surf not much smaller than that. Bad call on taking the two year old though. Really bad call.
12 years ago
how not to rescue someone
3 years ago
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