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Peoples Justice

Wow this is pretty fucked up.


by yak

submitted June 2nd 2006

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Ok,,,,,someone tell me what this is about?
12 years ago
Few people being beaten up and 1 being set alight......shite
12 years ago
Wonder what he did?
12 years ago
That is some fucked up shit.
12 years ago
No matter what someone has done you dont burn someone alive. Fucking pricks
12 years ago
^what if he and his buddies gang raped your little sister?
12 years ago
^you gang rape his mother. You should know the golden rule, an eye for an eye.

God, that has got to be one of the worst ways to die, being burnt. Or drowning, I really wouldn't know HOW to drown...just..suck in water? I wouldn't be able to do it lol.
12 years ago
^ Drowning is supposed to be quite pleasant once you get past the whole panic and struggle part of it (which must be hellish). Apparantly loosing all those brain cells all that quickly is quite a high.
12 years ago
agreed, being burnt must be the worst way. i was kinda surprised he stopped struggling that fast. perhaps the flames consumed the oxygen around him and he passed out
12 years ago
^ I've heard that with breathing in the flames one's lungs get burned and can't abosorb oxygen. This makes you pass out. The advice to those in this position is to take a couple of deep breaths to get it over with quicker. Don't know where I picked up that info.
12 years ago
agreed drowning isnt as bad as it sounds i once had both my lungs collapsed and after about a min or so of struggling to breathe you get this pleasent feeling of release kind of, then the medics get there and shove a crap load of pure oxygen into your lungs and wow that is a good feeling too
12 years ago
Touch one of my kids...and you would be lucky to have that happen to you.
12 years ago
He passed out from shock.
12 years ago
Don't you think it's a little TOO savage, Henry?
12 years ago
Yeah if the guy stole a loaf of bread...that is a little overboard.

IF you touch (ie;molest) one of my children...and I catch you... I cannot even begin to imagine the kinds of midevil shit I would do...

I do already know that such a "perp" would be feasting on their own flesh for sustinance while I draw upon my rage, imagination, and the collective history of cruelty of humanity to draw out that persons existence that would make hell seem like a vacation...Then again it might be like trying to suck on a mento, you want to..but you just cant help chewing it...So it might be DOA immediately.

But that is simply because it is personal...When you have kids you will be able to relate.
12 years ago
They should do that here in america.......the police and justice system want to heavely punish little crimes.....and let the child molesters go..........you get vigilantis that are thrue with the courts....you get this
12 years ago
Yeah no doubt.

We clog the courts and jails with victimless crime... Then let childpredators go...Which when those hideous crimes happen call for people to demand more law enforcement..more prisons...etc...

It is a self perpetuating buisness...

Then again we have more people in prison per capita then any other country in the world...

12 years ago
What do you mean "victimless crimes"? Henry let me tell you something you didn't hear when Bush tried to say it, that guy you bought weed from is giving his profits to terrorists. That's right, you are a 3rd party supporter of terrorists, you fucking prick you paid their way through flight school with all the weed you smoked :roll:

Hmmmm, how can we greatly decrease crime rates in the least amount of time?

And without changing laws, you fucking hippies.
12 years ago
i think this didnt happen to long ago...i think it was in mexico....they got fucked up ,burned and shot over some missunderstanding.
12 years ago
Kojach, that is the most bullshit logic I have ever heard in my life, most weed comes from South America, no middle eastern terrorist sees a bit of that money. The majority of terrorist funding comes from oil money, so each time you fill up your 84 Geo you just paid for some weapon 5000 miles away. All money is connected, saying buying drugs funds terrorism is like saying buying stamps helped fund Son of Sam.
12 years ago
i thought it was a prodigy song at first. that wasnt brutal at all, in fact that was one of the least brutal executions ive ever seen.
12 years ago

Most herb comes from Canada and the United States themselves...

In Canada I belive it is the Number 1 cash crop in terms of yearly value...And in the USA it is either 3rd or 4th...

Arab Terrorists dont get their money from the Cannabis trade...although depending on your definition of Terrorists I would imagine that the Opium haven we allowed to be established in Afghanistan after destroying the Taliban is more then funding the current and future endevours of Arab Extremisim.

All Drugs should be Legalised..Regulated and Taxed. The Price would drop...The tax revenue would exceed the prison income (for all but the owners of private prisons)

In the history of humanity drug use has and will continue to be a daily event... Smoking a joint and relaxing is as victimless as Waking up and drinking a cup of Coffee...

In the USA over 1 million people are arrested related to Cannabis...over 70% are for mere possesion...Anytime you have that many arrests...the law is CLEARLY not effective...

And as for the keep it away from kids argument...(being MAINLY a parental issue) It is far easier for a TEEN to get Illegial drugs...then it is for them to get BEER..or Cigs...

But I think Kojach was being sarcastic.
12 years ago
I am trying to translate the bottom caption there, and coming up with somehting on the lines of: before absence been in its hands....on the later of the captions which only shows half and as well as: They struck before the south..... and again, i cant mnake out the rest, but i believe i see the spanish word for justice in there. So basically im putting together that the civilians got ahold of some wrong-doers before someone got there, most likely the authorities.
12 years ago
im from british columbia, and damn! we got some pretty good weed up this way, and i've heard that from people all over canada, that b.c. bud is the best. glad to be here. :D pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffttttt
12 years ago
werent the two victims the mexican cops? you know that crazy shit story in mexico where the son of bitches burnt the 2 wrong men?
12 years ago
Makes me wonder- if you burn a nigger, how do you know when he is done?
12 years ago
hell yea gota get the herb from upstate :D..best shit GO CANADA..other than that....no comment...LA ?.. yea i think thats the story..those cops got burned or some reporter shit..
12 years ago
Hey buddy got a light?

The sound got a bit garbled in the critical part but from what I think I heard, these were locals who had enough of being intimidated by gangs.

Must remember if I am in such a situation to ask them not to do such a half-arsed job where only part of me is burning to death.
12 years ago
I think burning to death has to be one of the most horrific ways to die. It would just be horrible, smoke inhalation is one thing but to pass out from the shock of massive 3rd degree burns, that would just be hell.
12 years ago
Trouble is we still don't know what he was supposed to have done. Did he rape a child? Did he do gay sex? If he's guilty of a murder I'd prefer they just shot him or cut his head off.
12 years ago
savage henry is totally correct about thr drugs. And no government should be trusted enough to decide who is executed, never. Capital punishment is about revenge, and that's all.
12 years ago
ammonia- You make "revenge" sound like a bad reason to support capital punishment.

My family and friends have my full support in revenging my death if so asshole decides to pop me for fun. If it is an accident, okay- shit happens. But if some fuckwad goes out and does something stupid that ends up killing me, I want the fucker dead ASAP so I can beat his ass in hell for eternity.

12 years ago
Yeah but they have to get him first...and they have to have irrefutible proof...and it has to be in the heat of the moment...

I also concur with ammonia that I do not trust any government to execute people...for even if the most scumbag of shit-stain bastards gets to live his life (if you can call it that) in a 5x8 cell for the rest of his putrid existance...in order to NOT KILL the ONE innocent man that was wrongly convicted..so be it...

I would never stand an innocent man getting executed just cause (the 'LAW) sayz so..

It happens too..far more then it should.

I mean imagine getting convicted and sentanced to death for a crime you did not do....fuck that.
12 years ago
its not as bad when its someone that deserves it ... shit if someone hurt my family in any way id slit their throats and enjoy doing it
11 years ago
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