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6 Beer in 10 Seconds

I'm sure the next video of this would be 6 beers out in 2 seconds.


by yak

submitted June 2nd 2006

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Fuckin beers weren't even full!
12 years ago
Whats this a fred durst NY hat party
12 years ago
Well sure they're only glasses 3/4 full but you've gotta give him credit for sucking them down so fast
12 years ago
Toss em in a funnel and cut the time in half...
12 years ago
are we supposed to be impressed that you guys are such idiots? "put it in a funnel!" what a fucktard
12 years ago
^someones secretly afraid to drink alcohol :[
12 years ago
I've tried to do that several times but I only get half of the beer inside my mouth.
12 years ago
There was like half a beer in each cup...
12 years ago
Qualification necessary: 6 American beers. Why not just use water?
12 years ago
Nobody here can drink Kool-Aide that fast. My guess is that he learned to open his throat from giving so many blow jobs.
12 years ago
play this backwards and its even better.
12 years ago
I love how the droll little bitch puts the quotes in incorectly..

Whos asking a sniviling little fuck hole like you to be impressed???...and since when is your mouth spermataphore free enough to call ANYONE a fucktard??...

Just go back to your Semen Holocaust, foul little wretch.
12 years ago
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