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More Japanese Hypno Orgasms

Mmm Hmmm.


by yak

submitted June 2nd 2006

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see this is what happens when you use nukes on people. that shit just ain't right.
12 years ago
i woud eat 20 viagras and see if coud do em all or die trying
12 years ago
those silly lil japs
12 years ago
such bullshit.
and waaaay too long.
also, i think some of them shit their pants.
12 years ago
i don´t get it!!
12 years ago
fukin hawt
12 years ago
He orgasmed them across an obstacle course.

Sounds like typical night with my girlfriend.
12 years ago
at least i didn't see them have to shit like usual.

but his fucking awesome. hahaha.
12 years ago
Why not give them normal orgasms? like with your penis.
12 years ago
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