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George Carlin is a modern man!

Carlin showing that in spite of being over 120 years old, he is still one funny bastard.


by My_Balls_Itch

submitted June 2nd 2006

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Still one of the kings of comedy.
12 years ago
Dat nigga can lay it down!
Did you see his "Touched by an Atheist" skit on Madtv?
Read his books....it's basically his standup on paper, but Napalm and Silly Putty is great.
12 years ago
Best comic ever. Funny *and* relevant for 45+ years.
12 years ago
wtf he was born on may 12, 1937 hes not 120 years old. my grandfather was born in 1919 and hes just as limber as carlin lol
12 years ago
That's what passes for funny? He was so much better a couple decades ago, when he actually did more than memorize and vomit out 1,000 words and phrases, and bitch about cigars.
12 years ago
a funny funny man.
12 years ago
i think senility is catching up to him. read when will jesus bring the porkchops and see for yourself
12 years ago
TiredGuy, you remind of the old men in my neighborhood.

Bah...EVERYTHING was better in 1948! -

Dude, Carlin hasn't been the same since the heart attacks. Sure he was funnier in 1972. But he's... ah fuck it, you're just a bitter son of a bitch who needs to find fault in everyting.

Carlin was funner before the REPUBLICANS invaded him and TOOK HIS BLOOD AND REPLACED IT WITH OIL! --- There, feel better now?

Silver Tiger - You've got to he joking.
"AM & FM" is still some of his best work, if you're new to Carlin check out that album.
12 years ago
Never heard that one, MBI, I'll have to check it out. TiredGuy, try taking something called Zoloft, it may improve your attitude towards things.
12 years ago
^^^^or he can try getting the nerve that connects his colon to his eyes cut.It will stop him from seeing everything in such a shity Perspective.
12 years ago
thats from "life is worth losing" and is easily the WORST joke in the entire stand up. i mean right after that he talks about pussy farts. this is one of his best stand ups ever
12 years ago
yah, this is kinda lame. and i like carlin
12 years ago
Remember back when Tired Guy was funny? Oh, wait that never happened.
12 years ago
Yah, it's not quite the level of 'classic carlin' but hey, he's fuckin old now ---For being an old man, it's still quite good.

The ironic thing is that is was my friends in England who thought this was funny enough to submit.

Then again, they tried to sell me a dead parrot...
12 years ago
lastnightntown - Yah it's from that. It was passed to me and I thought it might be worth putting up here.

...new carlin (old man) is nothing when put up against his (still on drugs!)o early material.

AM & FM!
12 years ago
MBI- the parrot isn't dead, it's preening. "Beautiful plumage."

It is sad that the once king of comedy has been forced to rapping his act these days.
12 years ago
Tiredguy = snivvle
12 years ago
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