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Them crazy Cats

funny. little long


by Stephen

submitted June 1st 2006

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Would still rather see a video of them being torn to pieces by dogs. Hopefully a quick death because i dont like seeing an animal suffer too much.
12 years ago
was there a cat that put on a pair of sunglass itself?
12 years ago
wtf is with the damn japanese music?

anyways the cats at the end are the best, i coulda sworn that there was a mirror there. plus, note how all the owners are women :P

not a woman but cats are the best, as proven by the video at how retarded they can be
12 years ago
thats why i said i could have sworn there was a mirror there, not wow good mirror
12 years ago
im ripped off my asss-
SOme of my best memories included cats, either fucking with them using a vacuum cleaner or playing with bubbles or wht have you. wow dollar pint night rulez
12 years ago
I think the one with the glasses was played backwards for us. I usually hate cats but a few of them were actually slightly funny.
12 years ago
Don't like cats either. I used to use a laser pointer to get my cat to attack my dog's ass while he was sleeping. The dog would go nuts. = comedy.
12 years ago
I loved the music it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. By the way what does a cats pussy smell like?
12 years ago
Im fucking faded right..now.....and this shit is trippin me out :( wtf
12 years ago
HOLY SHIT!!! did that cat just RUN across the water, WTFFFFFFFFF, I guess they are full of suprises, did anybody else see that? Fucking ninjas I tell you!!
12 years ago
That cat probably saw the "Lord of the Wu Tang" movie.
Video is kind'a bad quality, but I liked it :-)
12 years ago
I love kitties. I have one that drinks milk by putting its paw in the milk and then licking it off. Cats>people who don't like cats.
12 years ago
Uh..I thought my cat was the only one that would drag itself upside-down under the table..that shit is fuckin hilarious when it happens in front of u.
12 years ago
I love cats. crazy animals. and Agreeing with Mexicanpolo:
12 years ago
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