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I usually don't goth but this is a good one

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by loslobos

submitted November 9th 2013

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4 years ago
Did you ever notice that the only two people on Mucho to use there face as their avy is Puma and Heather ?
1 year ago
*Their. THERE have been others, but I think that THEY'RE the most recent.
1 year ago
Mako, I would like to talk to you about trading stocks/investing sometime. I was going to months ago, but you disappeared.
1 year ago
Right now, I'm sitting on what I've got left. The low price of oil is killing everybody right now.
1 year ago
I fought my way back up to where I was pre-$3 as gallon gas. Been keeping a good amount out of market and jumping in and out when I see a bargain, but keep 25% or so in cash
1 year ago
Jumping in and out doesn't really help you, though. Remember that right now, any gains you see are going to be small. Economies worldwide are slow, especially in China and India. SunEnergy was the big gainer today, and that's still only trading at $2.26 a share.
1 year ago
Just don't wanna do what I used to do and ride stocks up and then back down. These days I am happy to make a few percent and then get out with a profit. Keeping money in cash takes away the risk but if the stock continues to climb I miss out, but that is ok beats losing money.
1 year ago
Basically, you can just be happy that you're making money. And don't worry, the Dow isn't going to hit 15,000 again for a while, so you're not really missing anything.
1 year ago
this is when the cure started to suck
1 year ago
Directed by Tim Burton?
1 year ago
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