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Watching Jake's facial expressions, when the voices crescendo, is hilarious. By the way…this only had 18,579 views. 8P


by PunkyBruiser

submitted November 7th 2013

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Should have named it euripides vs cat
4 years ago
this is actually pretty good
1 year ago
1 year ago
* PunkyBruiser waves at CheechWizard *
1 year ago
* NixonsGhost steals Punky's wallet while his hand is foolishly in the air *
1 year ago
* PunkyBruiser finishes eating Totino's pizza with some lemonade. 8P *
1 year ago
* PunkyBruiser opens another King Cobra, and puts on some "Battles" *

1 year ago
how about you open a 6 pack of Smith & Wesson into yourself
1 year ago
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