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Crane Trouble

Uh, did that guy get crushed?


by yak

submitted May 31st 2006

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walk it off...
12 years ago
Well, how else were they going to get that crane on board in time to set sail?
12 years ago
was the boat moving?
12 years ago
no, the whole dock was moving+the crane, but the boat was lying still!
12 years ago
*sarcasm mode off*
12 years ago
i wonder who lost there job because of that?
12 years ago
the boat was not moving. The boat that the person holding the camera was on is moving, but not the boat that the crane fell on.
12 years ago
Shepherds_Pie > The 2016 President of the United States.
12 years ago
I've worked installing the rigging on containers for travel before, basically a slave and I've never seen anything this crazy go down. It looks like the operator tried to raise it and the container got twisted in there. Those cranes are made to lift both cables at the same time too, so this is strange
12 years ago
Looks like the container was secure to the boat in the bottom right corner,the operator tried to lift it , but obviously the crane overstressed from that heavy load,i wonder if there are lifting security devices installed on those gantry cranes,i mean something that shut down the hoists if the safe working load limit is acheived?Any gantry crane operator here on mucho!?
12 years ago
shepherds pie the guy the crane landed on
12 years ago
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