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Another day in the life of a fly

Aw, they had babies...alot of them


by loslobos

submitted November 5th 2013

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Another day in the life of a fly
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Reminds me of the one time I packed away my camping/fishing shit rather hastily. Forgetting about it for a few weeks. Unknown to me my rather large dried fish food, ground bait pellets contained bluebottle eggs. the fuckers were everywhere, there was literally a carpet of maggots and a wall of bluebottles when I opened the shed door.

No dead dude though,
The fuckers!!
5 years ago
That's a sight not easily forgotten, damn
5 years ago
I've got one better. My first wife, that lazy bitch, made scrambled eggs in an electric fry pan one Saturday. Well a week went by, and now it's July, and I asked her to make some breakfast again because her eggs were so good the last time. When she removed the lid from the fry pan, she began laughing and called me in to look at this. At first my eyes didn't focus, but that wasn't the case. The pan turned into a heaping mound of maggots that were just swarming in this fry pan. My mistake was getting in closer for my eyes to focus, and then the stench hit me and I ran puking into my mouth and hands on my way to the bathroom while my wife continued laughing the whole time.
5 years ago
I'm gonna repost your ass so bad if I find the original post of this loslobos
5 years ago
Pretty sure this is a repost
5 years ago
Suddenly I'm in the mood for coconut doughnuts...
5 years ago
Looks like he needs a hair cut.
5 years ago
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