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Hardware Wars



by yak

submitted May 31st 2006

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For anybody who gives a shit about Star Wars, this is considered the first ever fanfilm created way back in 1977, right about the same time Star Wars itself came out. They even came out with a special edition version (I see this is that said edition), adding some goofy digital effects. I also heard that this went against the wishes of the original producer of this little film, who wanted to make it as cheesy as possible.

That being said, this is so frickin' old, it makes it kind of new again for those that have never seen it.
12 years ago
I half expected that to turn into some old 70's porno
12 years ago
Holy shit, I remember seeing this in school when I was 5 and no-one understanding what the fuck was going on.
12 years ago
ralph nader is the bad guy? damn shame...
12 years ago
Was that Orson Welles narrating?
12 years ago
OH- it was Paul Frees. That world-renown Orson Welles sound-alike. Bastard. He always get me. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0293659/
12 years ago
This was one of the best parodies ever made.
I laughed...I cried... I kissed $3 good-bye.

Funny how Mel Brooks ripped this off when he made 'Spaceballs'.

I almost submitted this a while back but ...well... I got stoned and forgot.

Wario- this is a student film that was their 'final exam' and I'm pretty sure they're the ones who put the new digital effects into it as well.

I love the part where Fluke gets the lightsaber.

When "Star Wars" (1977) was re-released in 1997 in a "Special Edition" with new digital effects, producer 'Michael Wiese' responded by re-releasing this short in its own "Special Edition" with footage replaced with new digital effects and graphics.

This is regarded as the most profitable short of all time.

Paul Frees was an obvious choice as the narrator for this short - he had narrated the original advance teaser trailer for Star Wars (1977).

(source: http://imdb.com/title/tt0077658/trivia)
12 years ago
i dont get it, if they added special effects, why didnt they make they saw lightsabers better? lmao. those things are awsome. i want thin pieces of metal as lightsabers. i mean seriously, they could have at least used cardbard with paint or something. lol wookie monster.
12 years ago
It's really a shame that something as brilliant as this clip got so few hits and comments. I guess that tells a lot about the ppl who hang around here.
12 years ago
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