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One More Unnecessary Censorhip

The blurred body parts are the best ;/


by yak

submitted May 30th 2006

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The Barney one was great.
12 years ago
Amazing, it hasn't gone stale yet.
12 years ago
um.... excuse me... WHO THE FUCK WON AMERICAN IDOL!?!?!
12 years ago
who the fuck cares who won american idol?
12 years ago
I've seen that a few times, and no, not stale for me either.
12 years ago
Yeah Barney was sweet. I always knew he was a perv because I spent some time with him in the joint before he got famous. He had a different song he'd sing then:

"I want you, you fear me,
I like forcefull sodomy.
With a great big shove
and a fist from me to you!
Wont you say you like it too?"

Just glad he wasn't my cellmate, cause getting assjacked by a seven foot dinosaur leaves an impression.
12 years ago
Jimmy Kimmel always looks and sounds half dead on his show.

12 years ago
okay. lol.
12 years ago
12 years ago
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