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Josh Howard gets hits in the nuts.

Avery Johnson coach of the Dallas Mavericks hits his player Josh howard in the nuts. Go Mavs.


by Stephen

submitted May 30th 2006

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Go Suns!!!
11 years ago
^^^truly he has perfected the tiger claw
11 years ago
11 years ago
what the fuck did he do that for?
11 years ago
What a Johnson...
11 years ago
I think that was munkey snatches peach, if my wu shu is correct.
11 years ago
LMAO! (and I only type that kind of stuff when I am actually doing it)
11 years ago
what a sticky situation
11 years ago
Heard the commentary I thought he said, "Dallas, High five." Obvious thought was distorted for a second and had to replay it lol XD
11 years ago
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