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Weapon of mass destruction....low fat

Apparently carrot classifies as a weapon of mass destruction now? Thanks Georgey


by caleg

submitted May 29th 2006

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Ffs.... They had a bit of weed in em, and weapons of mass destruction is the next conclusion? FBI? over a bit of weed? Geez...
12 years ago
What are these weapons for, hippies?
12 years ago
come on now were they really sic or just trippin ballz...
12 years ago
I like how they didn't get stoned like every other person does, they got 'sick'

people get stoned and it makes national news, wow, gotta love the USA.
12 years ago
hahah "sick from weed" god...how did that faculty survive the past 30 years (assuming they're over 30). Well either way it's fuckin' funny! I just wish somebody had sent "tainted muffins" to MY High School. I sure as hell wouldn't be complaining
12 years ago
No overreaction by authorities or media beat-up there.

Reminds me of a few years back when a cheesecake shop accidently sold a family the "special" chocolate mudcake which a few employees had made for later. Apparently grandma took it pretty bad and needed to sleep it off after the stomach pump.
12 years ago
fuck them all. there is no dangerous levels of thc. nobody has ever died off weed. they just want to act like that. he probably just made some weed butter and baked it in.
12 years ago
i was always taught not to eat food from strangers.
Is this world just a bunch of fucking tards nowadays or what.
Hey, look, some strange man dropped off these muffins, they look good.
fuckin idiots. I wish he had spiked it with stric 9 instead of boring old THC.
12 years ago
Laughing is a Weapon of Mass Distruction in this anal socieity...

12 years ago
Whoever did this must have been thinking, "Let's get everybody high and rule the world!"
12 years ago
actually kenwood, you CAN receive a lethal dosage of thc, but you would have to smoke so much, you would most likely asphyxiate(spelling?) first. it is true thought that noone has ever died from it
12 years ago
I'm interested to know how much of a virtually non-toxic substance is considered a lethal dose?

enough to block off your throat and suffocate you? say for example, if you were distilling up a cauldron full of hashoil and fell in the near finished product, covering your body in a gooey hash like amalgam , omg, i'm drooling now thinking of it, death by hash!!!

no seriously, there is no known lethal dose of THC, the THEORETICAL lethal dose is based off extrapolations from the minimal toxicity observed in rats, and that was figured out to 150lbs of marijuana per person, taken orally at %5-6 THC.

oh wow, think of it, being the person who ate 150lbs of cannabis and died... you might even get a video on muchosucko honoring you if you were lucky.
12 years ago
WHAT A MORON...why waste weed on people who dont appreciate it in the first place. tsk* tsk* lethal dose.....yeah dose of bullshit.
12 years ago
hahaha jasper, that sounds fucking scary<br>
i cant imagine being that high<br> ive been what i would consider "too high" and that shit is nuts
12 years ago
i dont kow about the US...but someone over here HAS died from an overdose...they took nothing else, and it wasnt from being a tit either, they ad just had too much and they died...pretty fucked up...i should try and link something to back that up.... but yeah i think it is the only one.
12 years ago
Sory Tommeh thats improbable Jasper is correct the lethal dose is exstremely high and the only way u can really die from it would be in exstreme sercomstances ie the kid was elergic or had lung problems etc..
12 years ago
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