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Iraqi Kid throws gernade at a US Military Vehicle

I see the future terrorists. Who can you really trust over there, I mean female suicide bombers, guy bombers, kids as look outs and they hurl grenades too Nuke the middle east, build a wall , drill alaska.


by TheTruth

submitted May 27th 2006

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good thing those troops cant shoot back at those little cunts because that would just not be proper.
12 years ago
Too bad there is no video of this I can upload for you:


Seems sometimes they do shoot at "those little cunts". Even if they're only a few months old.
12 years ago
It's not too late to enlist and go fight in this justified war. Come on now, is there really any argument for supporting the war, but NOT enlisting? History shows that when the wars are truly deemed JUST, people volunteer to fight in droves. Yet I know that if a draft was enacted for this sham, you big-mouthed kids would sing a different tune. Or, at least, you'd wet your pants as you pretended to continue holding your hateful little ideologies.

Oh no--now the kiddies are going to TYPE at me! Oh how I quiver in fear!

Oh shit, there's the music, gotta go assholes...
12 years ago
^^he's right ya know
12 years ago
nade doesnt goes off like that right? any baby killers here can tell me
12 years ago
Kid threw it?! Hell, I saw some adult looking guy running up and flinging something, then there's a boom and some kid that was standing behind someone else running away. I'm certainly not on 'their' side but JFK(Jeezus Fucking Keeryst)!

Stop the propoganda!

12 years ago
Tiredguy........shut your pie hole and go back to sniffing your pet's ass.....

12 years ago
I won't say it's not a kid but it's not conclusive either. I'll let others argue what they were actually throwing. Besides, kids in Naples throw shit like that everyday at cars don't they?
12 years ago
Will the Americans just kill all of these motherfuckers all ready. THEY WILL NEVER BE NORMAL they will always be suicidal fucking maniacs. Just kill them all.
It's to engranded in their culter and religion. YOU CAN'T REASON WITH THESE PEOPLE! KILL THEM!
12 years ago
Gee skank. Care to enlist the support of *your* country too?
12 years ago
I'm Canadain what I'm I going to enlist in the maple syurp and pancake cook off?
12 years ago
How could I know they're kids with that very poor quality of video? What the fuck!
12 years ago
Dunno jacq. Maybe the fact there's someone waist-high to everyone else running away. Could be he's like 1 year old and learned how to run quickly in such an environment. But then, everyone else towers above the vehicles...

I dunno. The video quality is just lame really. Maybe NBC shoulda been there.
12 years ago
12 years ago
theskank's comment is one of the most depressing things I've ever heard. For me, that comment puts him at the same level as snivvle. Quite an accomplishment.

Whoever threw it sure as hell knows how to cook a grenade. There was like a half second delay on that bad boy. That takes some guts.
12 years ago
Lucky it was only a "gernade". Would've fucked up their day if it had been a grenade........
12 years ago


Good god y'all!


12 years ago
Set back and enjoy you're stupid post, you freaking retard(Tiredguy) F-you F*aggot! ha ha! Hey, post what you want and you have, It's all good. Some of us don't have to agree. All respect.
Hey, The war might be fucked, but some of those men and women get the shaft (aka death) the're doing a "job". Average Americans. Sonic and GAP, Boy Scout and Family type folk.
A "kid throws a grenade, H..Sh*t!!! Wants a 20 YR OLD to do?
12 years ago
Tron87 the only way you don't agree with my comments or think it's depressing is if you are a paki or a douche bag hippie nonsense liberal. Either make your opinion null and void.
12 years ago
"It's not too late to enlist and go fight in this justified war...History shows that when the wars are truly deemed JUST, people volunteer to fight in droves..."

I'm not sure whos ass you pulled that factiod from, but using this faulty, 3rd grade logic, droves of anti-war protestors should be fighting for the terrorists side.

Why aren't you making the trip to Iran or Syria or one of the other countries that are boardering on Iran and/or Afghanistan? Im sure they would love to train you and set you up with a car bomb or suicide bomb belt.

The trip might be difficult but no impossible. You should start taking collections to help defray the cost...unless, of course, your only a chickenhawk.
12 years ago
@theskank... I agree with your comment. His right no matter what u do.. these people can't be reason with. There like terminators, they only know one thing. Search and kill , The relgion of peace? I want to know who the fuck starting to call it that.. and Y? it is like the total opposite of peace.

Tiredguy is just a piece of shit who seems to luv these sand monkees killing people, cutting of their heads, torturing people. Go to Iraq and reason with these people then or Y don't u go back to your gay boyfriend's shack and suck his dick like u do everynight faggot.
12 years ago
I love how ever person on every side of a war since the beggining, all equate there enemy to pathetic evil crazy people who cant be reasoned with, news flash everyone there people just like us...

monsewage "I'm not sure whos ass you pulled that factiod from, but using this faulty, 3rd grade logic, droves of anti-war protestors should be fighting for the terrorists side."

lol believing someone who is apossed to the war is a terrorist lol thats not even 3rd grade logic that 1st grade logic and even then its stupid...
12 years ago
@ all advocators of genocide. If by "they" you mean extremists and hyper-activists them you are pretty much correct, they cannt be reasoned with. However, if "they" means Islamic people as a whole them you are sadly mistaken. If you haven't realised yet, you sound a little bit like Hitler. I'm pretty sure thats a bad thing.
12 years ago
Extrapolating from supposed faulty 3rd grade logic sounds even more stupid though doesn't it?
12 years ago
I was mearly applying TGuy's own logic to his own beliefs, to show him how inane the "chickenhawk" argument is.

So saying <<you think the war is justified, so go enlist>> (see TGuy's 2nd post above) is just as faulty as <<you think the US acted without justification, so go become a suicide bomber>>.

One argument is just as stupid as the other.

You guys seem to be agreeing with me in this regard.

While I dont agree with TheSkank's <<kill em all>> strategy, I also dont agree with the idea that every side of every war has had to demonize thier enemy. Some of them were plenty evil enough without the need to equate them to evil crazy people.

In this particular war, let the Islamist's words speak for themselves...

12 years ago
heres more...

12 years ago
i just cant get to it why most MSers have the exact same attitude towards the islam, as they accuse the 'sandniggers' of having against the west. allways yelling "kill those dirty sandniggers, theyre evil and not able to negotiate properly, kill em all and their little sandmonkey children" because you think they really are the way you think they are.
i guess you just did not properly develop the way to view things from other people(enemies) perspective.
if you would only try, just a little, to research some more and build up a decent idea of what they are going through, and what the west is doing to them, THEN i think you should give your opinion. not the way you fuckers are doing it now!

PS: i do know that they blow up shit, cut off heads and execute people at a daily basis. but you think its in their nature to do such shit, and its not. its because of what they have to go through every fucking day, partially because of what you, americans or other countries that invaded iraq and neighbouring countries, have done to their way of life. would you like to live in a city that is invaded by foreigners, who also think they own the fucking place, who dont have any respect towards your culture and who(behind all your(and mine) backs) treat your people like fucking scum?
i think you would love to do your country a favour by throwing a grenade at their convoys, or walk up to some soldiers to blow yourself up, hoping to drag as many of the bastards with you as you can in your death. and i would too.
12 years ago
omg i wrote a essay.. shame on me!
12 years ago
I think thats more of a rant than an essay.
12 years ago
Victorious, are you saying that they werent executing people before the US invaded? i will admit that im no expert on middle eastern history or practices, but im fairly sure that they have been executing people for much longer than this war on terror.

and also, i would have joined the marines right out of high school had i been able to.
12 years ago
It was rather a rant, however it is true, many people posting here do not know the facts of why an invasion of these muslim country's have come about and the history behind these conflicts and perhaps their form of punishment albeit appearing to be medieval etc etc is a hell of a deterent. If we had a similar punishment perhaps the guy in the video posted recently would not have beat the crap out of an old lady if he new what punishment would follow if he were caught. There are complaints about Iran having nuclear power !!! So what so has god knows how many other country's if we keep invading country's it is to be expected surely that they will try to find a deterent. If we would learn to leave things alone and worry about our own country's we would not have brought suicide bombers and the like down on us. We are more than capable of killing our own country men without assistance. Yes the regime of the Taliban was bad but most country's have treated their women like shit at some point in history. We should allow the country's to develop by themselves without force hard as that may be. Most large scale wars have a basis in religion, if we keep on we will see the third world war.

Rant/Essay over
12 years ago
^^ We are seeing the third world war.
12 years ago
@fuckyouufuckingfuck no thats not what im trying to say, i made a mistake there.. but i was trying to say that the way they behave and deal with their problems(americans, israelis etc.) is partially caused by us. and that most of MSers have the wrong attitude, one that comes near that of a palestinian has against israelis; some of you say it would be best for our society when all muslims are dead, just like most palestinians want to kill all Israelis, although in their case they have a solid reason, and you guys havent got a clue why you really want them dead, you probably couldnt distinguish a muslim from a jew. i guess most of you think america is having a war against the Islam, which is the wrong idea!
12 years ago
@buddha2112 just wait the thrid world war will be here soon, when iran or america drops the first bomb.
12 years ago
God damn, TiredGuy and his fucking draft shit again. Let it go. Sorry it can't prove all of your points.
12 years ago
This is what should be going on. ANYONE and I mean ANYONE who shouws resistance or attacks, even throwing a rock at American troops should be fair game and should be shot.
Do you think these little kids throwing rocks and grenades are going to change and be productive members of society NO these are the kids that will continue to keep getting worse and with the anger their parents have they will be even more evil then them. Letting them live ensures that region of the would WILL NEVER be civial. And that is the bottom line. All resistance needs to be taken out not just set at bay for the time being.
Why these kids and people attack troops is cause they KNOW american troops won't/can't just shoot them, they know all they can do manily is point guns.
This has to end, these are the people who if had the chance on a sleeping USA camp would come in and cut off all their heads without batting an eye or showing sympathy.
KILL THEM! And anyone who believes that suicide will get you virgins in heaven. Last time I checked that fell under being a cult and not religion if it has a illegal element. And the US breaks up cults, by force if needed.
12 years ago

yeah i signed up for the marines last december. i leave for boot camp on june 26th, and will be at school of infantry training soon thereafter.

lots of pussies on this sight.
12 years ago

Already did my time. Got the medals and a degree and my Honorable DD-214.

Lots of Pussies...
12 years ago

Did my time in 2004 , station on baghdad. These people are ungrateful , yeah sure there are like a few here that seem to like us being there , but then u have hundreds who show resistance and like theskank says .. should be taken out.
so tiredgay u stupid ass idiot. what the fuck do you know.....
12 years ago
12 years ago
hey "theskank" y dont you shut the fuck up and go fuck yourself you stupid fag. "Will the Americans just kill all of these motherfuckers all ready. THEY WILL NEVER BE NORMAL they will always be suicidal fucking maniacs. Just kill them all.
It's to engranded in their culter and religion. YOU CAN'T REASON WITH THESE PEOPLE! KILL THEM!" so your saying go kill all the innocent people that have nothing to do with the war. kill other middle eastern countries. your stupid and ignorant and dont see that its just the fanatic muslums that do this, and yes their terrorists and i fucking hate terrorists kill the fucking terrorists but not innocent people. but when you say y dont we go kill all of them, your a fag.
12 years ago
Dont you guys know why Tiredbi wants you to sign up? He wants you all to get killed. It's simple. He doesnt give one shit ball of care about our armed forces, our men and women (even though strangely enough he does believe in guns because he has many last time i heard him boast) To him, they are just an extension of bush, and anything bush must be destroyed.

And thats why he is so pathetic.
12 years ago
And I said "supposedly faulty logic". And by extrapolation I am saying you think you've created a mirror situation but you haven't. Opposition to wars such as these (< take note of how I've framed it), does not mean support of the other side is implicit regardless of the strategy of either side to win sympathy in some kind of 20 year master plan.

Second it's interesting to hear people who have been there saying how ungrateful people are there or how little real progress is being made when all you hear from other people is "the media only focuses on the bad and none of the good" or "things are improving markedly from where we started."
12 years ago
I also hope people with this killem-all attitude aren't pretending they're any different from the truly guilty people they want to see dead.
12 years ago
All these people saying that violence is ingrained in Iraqi culture couldn't be more right. An Iraqi guy owns a convenience store down the street from me, and every time I go there to buy beer, as soon as I walk in the door he shouts "ALLAH ACKBAR" and starts firing his Kalashnikov at me while chanting "Death to the Great Satan". I wonder how he stays in business.
12 years ago
^^^ Cause idiots like you walk around with your head in a portable sand box pretending that life isnt happening.
12 years ago
<<Opposition to wars such as these, does not mean support of the other side is implicit>>

I disagree with you. Antiwar is exactly implicit of support for the other side.

To paraphrase George Orwell...

Anti-war protesting is objectively pro-terrorist. This is elementary common sense. If you hamper the war effort of one side you automatically help out that of the other. Nor is there any real way of remaining outside such a war as the present one. In practice, he that is not with me is against me...

Tha antiwar protestors can pacify only one side of the war, that of the US coalition. The terrorists wont go away, regardless of how many protestors take to the streets.

And sometimes the anti-war crowd's support goes beyond implicit...

12 years ago
i hope that an american soldier dies for every truly innocent civilian in iraq..
what have you got to say to that?
12 years ago
^^^ case in point... its not so much the killing that has Victorious upset, its non-Americans dying that rattles his cage.

And while Victorious' statement may be sarcastic, many in the anti-war movement feel exactly this way.
12 years ago
The original quote is pacifism being pro-fascist. To paraphrase Orwell is quite the achievement.

Again the link between objection and active endorsement of another side is not a guarantee.

No-one perse is against stopping terrorists, apart from the terrorists themselves and a few radicals. However this approach is wrong for those who want to claim to be on the side of right. This bad approach was simply a product of the slow shift in global perspective by major powers compounded by this totally outdated neo-realist interpretation of global affairs which never was intended to take into account threats such as trans-national terrorism for the simple fact that no matter who their sponsors may be, the groups are ultimately autonomous and not subject to sovereign control. Just like pirates on the high seas who by international law are stateless and therefore criminals to all states.

You'd also be aware of his grudging admiration of Ghandi and his recollection that Ghandi once suggested before the holocaust was apparent that the jews should be prepared to sacrifice themselves in order to survive.

On top of that perhaps you'd like to consider Orwell's other opinion that the failure of the Fifth Column in England (before Germany was at war with Soviet Russia) was that despite hatred of the establishment, the workers saw no desire to have their sovereign land occupied.

They despised their masters (what they considered the ruling class) yet they did not aid their enemies.
12 years ago
Honestly, paraphrasing a quote such as that is a really dangerous thing. To employ ethos from someone is one thing but to change what they precisely said is not very good.
12 years ago
If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy. -- James Madison

'When the government fears the people it is a democracy... when the people fear their government it is tyranny...' --- Thomas Jefferson

The means of defense against foreign danger historically have become the instruments of tyranny at home. – James Madison

The people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders...tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. – Herman Goering

The cry has been that when war is declared, all opposition should be hushed. A sentiment more unworthy of a free country could hardly be propagated. – William Ellery Channing

Fascism will come wrapped in a flag and carrying a Bible. ~ Sinclair Lewis 1935

BEWARE THE LEADER WHO BANGS THE DRUMS of war in order to whip the citizenry into a patriotic fervor, for patriotism is indeed a double-edged sword. It both emboldens the blood, just as it narrows the mind. And when the drums of war have reached a fever pitch and the blood boils with hate and the mind has closed, the leader will have no need in seizing the rights of the citizenry. Rather, the citizenry, infused with fear and blinded by patriotism, will offer up all of their rights unto the leader and gladly so. How do I know ? For this is what I have done. And I am Caesar."

Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices. – Voltaire

12 years ago
There are no innocent people left in Iraq.....they all moved to North America and lots of not innocent people to.

Feel free to kill them all and anyone who defends them in anyway.
Pieces of shit.
12 years ago
I love it how chairman of the bored manages these long flowery statements while at the same time not really saying anything at all.

That's nice MBI! Now, are you suggesting that any of those quotes apply to this day and age? Or are you just directing this at the US? Hmmm?
12 years ago
K-Billy - Are you being sarcasic? If not, then you need a bit more education if you have to ask that question.
12 years ago
qbst - 'Lucky it was only a "gernade". Would've fucked up their day if it had been a grenade........'

haha, fuck all these boring essay style comments ^ that ones the best, i say let em be shot, they want to cause problems they get shot...be nice...its fine...almost.
12 years ago
too many americans have the 'kill all sandniggers' attitude, and that is WRONG. to say that people who support the 'sandniggers'(or oppose the US) should also be killed, that is even more wrong.
is your goal to murder half of the world?
NEWSFLASH! not everyone shares your opinion/attitude, not everyone on earth is an american.
if you would get a chance of leaderrship i guess you would be the dictator, clearing the world of all people opposing you..
12 years ago
K-billy's right. Chairman is quick to tell you how you're wrong, but very seldom volunteers what his own opinion is.

Then, if you make some assumptions about what he thinks, he chastises you for pigeon holing him.

I guess its good that he, at least, engages you in arguement, versus just name calling, but overall, he comes across as being very lightweight.

He also seems to have alot of knowledge about the internal politics of certain countries, but having knowledge doesnt mean being correct. Kim Jong Il, for example, is the most knowledgeable person in the world regarding N.Korean politics, and it doesn't put him on the side of right.

By paraphrasing Orwell, I was making the statement my own. I wasn't infering any endorsement by Orwell. Only I see the logic of his arguement still applying to the current situation.

And nothing CotB said has countered this logic.
12 years ago
Nice of you to sneak back when it's fallen off the front page. I kind of expected that which is why I'm here too.

There's a nice chunk in the middle explaining what needs to be changed. I would think it rather quite obvious what it was.

Why attempt to invoke someone's name if you don't mean to use it as any weight to your argument?

Being "on the side of right" is very relative, I mean you think you're right.

You are of course entitled to an opinion regardless of how lightweight I think it is in comparison.
12 years ago
The counterpoint you so desire is at the end. Along with my opinion in the middle.
12 years ago
haha i also came back to check for comments ;D
12 years ago
I kinda hate that even the popular threads fall off the front after 2 days, but MS is designed to attract the movers and shakers, i guess.

I will be more than happy to continue in the background with only Victorious as spectator. (Hi Vic!)

The chunk in the middle...

<<This bad approach was simply a product of the slow shift in global perspective ... and therefore criminals to all states.>>

Let me try to paraphrase (if you would grant me permission) into plain English, for the non-political theorist...

The US is assuming a rational nation supporting the terrorism, where there is none. So attacking any nation is a bad approch to fighting terrorism.

Did I get that right?

You still dont offer any opinion as to what the US should have done, unless youre implying those in the west should be willing to sacrafice themselves as Ghandi suggested the Jews do.

As far as that goes, Orwell also notes that Ghandi probably didnt comprehend true facism, against which pacifism makes no difference.

And as far as hating their masters, but not aiding the enemy, that describes the 5th column in England during WW2.

What might have been true then, is NOT true now.

Now the anti-war crowd hates their "masters", and DOES help the enemy. In many, many ways. Besides the 2 cases of material support I link to above, the anti-war crowd provides endless propaganda and encouragement to the terrorists.
12 years ago
The original point is whether the majority of people who objected to this war are in fact substantially aiding the enemy. It certainly isn't in any tangible way. I'm also assuming it's only including objectors who live in Western countries. That wasn't supposed to need a solution to terrorism.

A state aiding a terrorist group and a state being a terrorist group are two different things. If the aid part were enough, then countries like Saudi Arabia would be in the crosshairs and if we were to include support by private citizens then even "friendly" countries would be targets.

If you'd like a solution then my suggestions focus on home. Fix the structural weaknesses: improve random screening of shipping containers from 2% per annum; fund a faster immigration procedure so the government knows exactly who is arriving well before they do; de-politicise and properly fund intelligence gathering and their coordination; don't dissolve large conventional forces such as the navy or army but divert more funding to specialist forces instead of simply developing the world's most powerful mobile artillery battery.

This of course would need multilateral assistance although it would be a case where a unilateral approach would be even more welcome: truly liberalise trade. Don't globally state a doctrine of pre-emption, look at the remarkable decades-long balancing act with China and Taiwan even when Bush nearly fucked it up. Stop meddling in foreign governments which has been the way for a very long time (The US has come much closer to killing another Daddy President than the reverse), it doesn't just piss off people in that country but in others too.

It's not going to work against the truly committed terrorist but it takes away issues which they can use to win sympathy and support and without that, they are weakened. I don't think even a neo-con would argue about the strength public support gives a terrorist group.

If my example from Orwell is not true now, how is your's still true now since you even changed it to suit your needs.
12 years ago
I'm sorry but if you compare the number which are actively helping terrorism to the proportions worldwide who oppose this war then it really isn't a significant number.

Sure you can argue against statistics being accurate, which if you do I hope you don't employ them yourself. This link between objecting to a war and aiding the enemy in anyway is very much the elephant gun argument. People object to war so they must be supporting the terrorists. There's an elephant gun in my room so there are no elephants.
12 years ago
lol it was fun watching you guys having this argument.. but it's getting a little too deep for me, also with all the quote's and hard words.. my english is pretty good for a dutchman, but these last posts seemed to take too much trouble to read.
btw i have examinations too learn(is it said that way?)
12 years ago
Vic: It aint over yet...sorry youre going to miss it... and proper English would be: "I have go study for my examinations". Or more colloquially and incorrectly "I have exams to study for".


Some clarification, I think, is in order.

TireGuy said:

<< Come on now, is there really any argument for supporting the war, but NOT enlisting? >>

Basically, the "chicken hawk" argument.

My original point was:

...saying <<you think the war is justified, so go enlist>> ... is just as faulty as <<you think the US acted without justification, so go become a suicide bomber>>...

I then carried on with this idea that TGuy should go become a suicide bomber...sort of a reductio ad absurdum.

I never said I believed <<you think the US acted without justification, so go become a suicide bomber>> was a valid arguement.

Your counter arguement was:
...And by extrapolation I am saying you think you've created a mirror situation but you haven't...

I assume it was because you thought that people who are anti-war would NEVER support the terrorists. Was this what you meant?

If so, my counter argument was that, its not such a stretch to imagine some anti-war protestors are actually anti-american or pro-terrorist. That some, in fact, are.

I didnt say all of them were. Just as some americans enlist to support the war, some anti-war people provide the terrorist with material support.

They are mirror situations.

I stand by my original statement...i.e. the chickenhawk argument is just as wrong as saying all anti-war protestors should become suicide bombers.
12 years ago
more to follow...
12 years ago
<<If my example from Orwell is not true now, how is your's still true now since you even changed it to suit your needs.>>

You seem to have a couple of problems with your logic.

I never quoted Orwell. I never said my pro-war beliefs are based on the writings of George Orwell. I mearly paraphrased him, invoking his name, to avoid the mundane counter-argument of "you stole that from Orwell, and you didnt even quote him correctly".

So, my statement (a paraphrase or Orwell's) stands as it is, changed to apply to the current situation.

Here, the use of the paraphrase isn't like that used in academia, summarizing a point of another author that supports your point of view. Its the use of a paraphrase as a convienience. If Led Zepplin had a song that used this quote, I would have said "...paraphrasing Led Zepplin..." (...but it doesnt mean I would agree with the second verse of the song Moby Dick.)

The quote was close to what I wanted to say, so I modified it, and used it as my own. I ascribe no beliefs re: the war on terror to G.Orwell, pro or con.

Your statemnt is taken from Orwell, without modification or adjustment in its basic meaning, still only applies to the original timeframe Orwell applied it to: circa WW2 Brittain.

I changed my statement to apply to the current situation, so it applies now.

You didnt change your statement, so it doesn't apply now.

That is how mine is true and yours isn't.
12 years ago
You English is excellent, and much, much better than any of the foreign languages I speak, but I get the impression that English is not your first language.
12 years ago
*"I have to go study for my examinations"

...Vic...u still here....
12 years ago
To counter you've merely gone full circle in your arguments which have been answered, nothing left to discuss here.
12 years ago
So, obviously, you dont see the difference in the following 2 statements:

"If anti-war protestors were really against this war, they should go become suicide bombers."

...which I dont agree with, and...

"Some anti-war protestors aren't really anti-war, they are just against the US and/or for the terrorists."

...which I've shown to be true.
12 years ago
...If youre too obtuse to see the difference between those 2 statements, then you are right, there's nothing left to discuss here.
12 years ago
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