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The new definition of safe sex


All the ladies are gonna want one of these! 18+


by Mako

submitted May 27th 2006

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lucky bot lol
11 years ago
oh my lord.
11 years ago
the machines ARE taking over!
11 years ago
so, that's what women want: men no taller than 16" tall, with a 2-foot long dick.
11 years ago
She's being assimalated!
11 years ago
11 years ago
THat...was fucking awesome! lol! Oh man...I don't even want to ruin it...just watch this, it's TOTALLY worth it! Who ever was working the controls and doing the voice is awesome. Well done...very well done.
11 years ago
this just in new tape of paris hilton robot rape video
11 years ago
Futuristic Sex Robots?! Isn't that one of those nerd music groups?

11 years ago
11 years ago
that is no remote control robot, it's supposed to have AI
11 years ago
I was hoping the bot malfunctioned and tunneled right throught her.
11 years ago
hahah "erraaaag! Ouch! Mmmm" NICE!

I'll be looking forward to the Man's Version
11 years ago
what? are you gonna strap a fleshlight to one of them?
11 years ago
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