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Dude gets knocked out

Dude gets knocked out by Jeremiah Lady. Who ever the hell that is.


by Stephen

submitted May 27th 2006

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So... that's why I see so much bullshit trickling down from all the stOOpid fucks with MBAs above me.

American schools & colleges = the downfall of the universe.
12 years ago
Hmmm...two guys with boxing gloves are being encouraged to smack the shit out of each other, and yet everyone is surprised when one guy gets KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT!!!
12 years ago
Jeremiah lady is quite the scrapper.
12 years ago
LOL! Nice last name. Sounds tough!

... so, to formally address him he'd be called "Mr. Lady". :P Sounds like a transexual hooker name.
12 years ago
did he fucking kiss him or what?
12 years ago
Both those guys are lucky neither of them could fight. if one where a real boxer he would have killed the other.
12 years ago
Gee I never realised that, thanks!
12 years ago
that fat guy sucks
12 years ago
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