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Slow Motion Pop

A water balloon is popped in slow-mo, see how it keeps its shape. That's pretty cool


by Derk

submitted May 27th 2006

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Bout time we get a cool video that doesn't have a chick shitting on another one.
12 years ago
Whats amazing is that as much as this video is slowed down, like 10,000 times or whatever, is how fucking fast the balloon snaps away. I guess my mom wasn't shitting around when she told me her cousin got his eye knocked out as a kid by a rubber band. Beware the water balloon.
12 years ago
an asian gurl pissed in that balloon caleg
12 years ago
Dammit, they cut the begginning of the video out!

12 years ago
i remember this video, i was the one who submitted either this or something very similar.
12 years ago
you can see flash gordon wanking off in frame 45 to 52
12 years ago
He's not shitting around either, you can actually see flash gordon wanking off.
12 years ago
That wasn't Flash Gordon wanking away- it was Buckaroo Banzai.
12 years ago
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