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Mazel Tov!!!

dude attempts to cut another mans throat, for stealing his wife? I like the drunk-ass, cig smokin' slut trying to get laid during all of this.


by PunkyBruiser

submitted October 10th 2013

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Like I'd hate someone for stealing my wife.

* PunkyBruiser snare(dotted 8th notes) and cymbal crashes *
5 years ago
You should visit the site more often, just sayin
5 years ago
damn, that was my first repost in a while. oh well....
5 years ago
* PunkyBruiser evil-eyes Weezy. *
5 years ago
I'll stick with my upvote, based on my Rodney Dangerfield one-liner up top. 8P
5 years ago
(that I came up with)
5 years ago
5 years ago

I can tell no dicks have been that butt. You must be a "sucker".
5 years ago
Nice ass
5 years ago
I'm speechless punky , I really am ....
5 years ago
I believe you..I believe you. Have a good day, speechless. 8P
5 years ago
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