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I'm now a believer


by LazLong

submitted May 26th 2006

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yeah, actually, nicely done except for the fact that they start taping the monk's hand wayyy too early.
11 years ago
^^^ you cannot double comment post before anyone else on here ammonia33. Its in the MuchoSucko Terms and Conditions agreement. .. anyways

OH... and they taped his hand cuz it was odd for a monk to be carrying a laptop
11 years ago
11 years ago
Karmas a bitch
11 years ago
Owned slag
11 years ago
They started taping his hand early ammonia? You consider a second too early? Damn you're fickel. I think this was hilarious haha
11 years ago
more like 2 or 3 seconds. It actually does matter alot, it made the difference between believable and not. I am in graphics and film, so hush boy.
11 years ago
graphic gay porno films?
11 years ago
I'm sorry you going to have to do that again, someone here doesn't think it's believable enough even if it was a setup and they say they know about these things.
11 years ago
Obviously fake, but funny.
It's the early swing to the hand making it obviously fake.
11 years ago
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