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GG Allin from a different angle.


GG allin famous concert video from different angles..


by bichofelix

submitted October 3rd 2013

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5 years ago
before your time
5 years ago
So this was before Bing and old blue eyes then?
5 years ago
I think that's how Sammy lost his eye.
5 years ago
lol @00:49, guy gets suckered punched by Jesus christ allin..
5 years ago
lol...fuck off
5 years ago
nice youtube channel faggot
5 years ago
Your mom's a faggot.
5 years ago
sure thing,buddy
5 years ago
* possum changes avy *
5 years ago
When are they coming to Pittsburgh?
I'll make a better video then this!
5 years ago
This song is GG's anthem, the guitar and bass when he is smothering his face with his own feces is fucking badass, he would've have more or a crowd and made more more if he kept his shit to him self...He was pretty good, but fucked up a great opportunity...
5 years ago
You have got be joking, he was fucking embarrassment
5 years ago
5 years ago
Like a said, He was pretty good, but fucked it all up with his fucked up attitude.
5 years ago
Fuckin GG... I feel like he probably would have acted differently if it weren't for that tiny penis of his.
5 years ago
stop being mean to germanguy
5 years ago
He was not "pretty good". Without his antics and his "attitude", the band would have had zero draw.

To compare him to other punk bands of the 80's like:

Minor Threat
The Circle Jerks
Black Flag
Social Distortion
Dead Kennedys
Dead Milkmen
The Adolescents
Bad Brains

is ridiculous....

Q: How many bands cite GG Allin as an influence?

A: A bunch of shitty ones.
5 years ago
you tube links suck ass
4 years ago
Just like GG.
4 years ago
should i re- up it?
4 years ago
i'm thinking no atm
4 years ago
Well...there already is a lot of GG on here. Even I submitted a video once.
4 years ago
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