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"The Man Who Wanted To Fly"

Extremly indigent film based on a saying that goes "You gotta learn how to crawl before you can walk", but changed into "You gotta learn how to run before you can fly". Which is what the "wise man" says in this short, only in Norwegian.


by Tord

submitted May 25th 2006

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wtf was that and why did i waste my time watching it, fucking guly ginger prick
12 years ago
I have no idea what to say about this video except... Adobe Premiere does wonders for blue screen light saturation. Use it.
12 years ago
I'm sure this was very funny in Norway.
12 years ago
hey, that would be really good....if it wasnt really wank.
12 years ago
That was as entertaining as watching my dog fart.
12 years ago
chairman, it was just as shitty here in Norway as it is wherever you are.
12 years ago
i gotta respect the fact that they made a short and got it on Mucho, which is my greatest unfulfilled goal in life - but beyond that, this sucked.
12 years ago
complete waste of time.
12 years ago
tord, that was tarded.
12 years ago
Breivika suger jo balle da... Det gjør tydeligvis du og tord! Lættis...

Russ 2 tusen og sex!!!
12 years ago
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