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a milestone in extreme metal history 18+


by deadulas

submitted May 24th 2006

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where can i order my copy?
12 years ago
can someone explain wtf is going here? its an SNM porno, but they call it metal, so that makes it metal?
12 years ago
oh, it's that whole Satan is part of the metal scene, and this is supposed to be a sacrificial event (I guess), yada-yada, so you have to put 2 and 2 and 2 together and get something out of it, I guess...

so is this is a real movie?
12 years ago
wtf....that was over before i could even realise what was going on...
12 years ago
my guess: an add for a goth-esque S&M/pr0n film with a black metal soundtrack. looks retarded :D
12 years ago
well yeah....everyone knows that goths and people who claim to be satan worshippers dont like attractive girls...so this is for them.
12 years ago
how the hell could you tell if the girls were attractive, i couldnt even see anything.
12 years ago
^ Biziagh: This is a movie by your ultra cool brethren the satanists! However, I have a feeling that they too don't actually believe in Satan.
12 years ago
^no they arent satanists, they are ritualists. they dont follow the religion, they just leech onto attention and being different, cuz they are unable to cope with their true personalities. they are ignorant pieces of shit who do too many drugs...usualy.
12 years ago
Actually, metal didn't originally have anything to do with Satan. But after bass player (I forget the band and player name, sorry. It's on the special features of the Little Nicky DVD, if you want to look it up for me) made the so called "devil horns" hand sign, there was a massive outcry from Christians against metal, so people thought they could get publicity by acting evil. The funny thing is, he only made that hand sign because wanted to make a hand gesture, but he didn't want to drop his pick to do it!
12 years ago
oh. my. fuckin. god. ^^
the band, KISS, the bass player, Gene FUCKIN Simmons.
i believe that Dio started it though since gene lies a hell of a lot. it's protection against the evil eye. some kinda italian thing. he actually got it from his immigrant grandma.
12 years ago
i think it was dio. gene simmons can suck a fuckin nut. dio is the shit.
12 years ago
^not like it matters, it actualy has nothing to do with satan. and since when does god give his angels horns?
12 years ago
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