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Same girl, new problem


You might remember this girl having a bit of trouble outside the bathroom in another vid. We'll shes having some problems again, and once again shes embarassed about what she did. Dont you feel sorry for her. :( 18+


by Theck

submitted May 24th 2006

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i saw the pic and the title and thought "hmm interesting." i then read the name of the submitter and said fuck that
12 years ago
wtf is up with your gay ass descriptions, theck? you sound like you should be working as a freak that advertises this kind of shit.
12 years ago
Not just soaking wet, but a puddle!
12 years ago
i guess the whole premise of this stuff is a defilement fetish-
kinda goes hand and hand with amputee fetshism, on the basis that you fell better about yourself when the other is at a distinct disadvantage either physically or other
12 years ago
12 years ago
I guess it's not that shameful if a hot girl does it.
12 years ago
Read the caption...saw the poster...gonna give this one a miss...

actually fuck it...this is probably the reason i'm on muchosucko
12 years ago
No, I don't feel sorry for her.

"Sorry" is what you feel for a person when the toilet paper runs out. Tell her to buy a goddamn diaper if she's having so much trouble finding a bathroom.
12 years ago
did she piss out of her ass or something. her underwares didnt even look wet. i thought that white fabric got see through when it was wet.
12 years ago
Now that's one thing I don't find hot, chicks pissing.
12 years ago
Btw, how do you ask a girl nicely to go and wash her cooch? Seems to be too late in the act before you realize the cheeze hits you, any advice on this?
12 years ago
take a shower with her before hand. that usually works.
12 years ago
dude i still can´t figure out how the fuck can people come up with these ideas and film this shit?
12 years ago
I mentioned before on one of thecks posts about what sort of porn would they come up with next, like people eating snots, well guess what i found a site with just that, girls blowing their nose's into eachothers mouth !
12 years ago
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