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Local commercial

guy falls off roof in local commercial


by Stephen

submitted May 23rd 2006

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lol i guess you could expect that to happen :D
12 years ago
He went home and cried.
12 years ago
Somebody give this guy a hand!
12 years ago
punch drunk love
12 years ago
Could he be anymore of a man:

"Yeah yeah i'm fine but my guitars fucked"

12 years ago
good watch
12 years ago
He came back with the "Oh yeah!" a bit quick. You gotta know that he was hurting bad, but way to suck it up there.
12 years ago
Fifteen minutes later you know this poor sod was chewing on some Oxy and washing it down with Guinness.
12 years ago
looks like florida.....oxy's are right
12 years ago
^^^ You know it!
12 years ago
I like his little yell as he was headin' for the pavement. That was funny.

Where's the used car salesman who'll eat a bucket of scorpions if you don't buy a car off his lot?
12 years ago
there's room for concern in a case like that, but cmon, those guys were too concerned. "Are you fine?!" "Are you ok?!" "Are you sure you're fine?!" SHUT UP!! HE'S FINE!
12 years ago
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