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Dane Cook on Puking

hahah Another great stand-up moment with Dane Cook


by Derk

submitted May 23rd 2006

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That is so true.
12 years ago
lol, pretty funny...only ive reached levels of insane tolerance for being disgusted by puking...I drink so much that nowadays I walk up to the toilet and stand with my hands in my pockets and just let it go like I was taking a piss...hitting the bowl everytime...now thats my friends is 'pro'...and sad...Im goinng to hang myself
12 years ago
I didn't even crack a smile.
12 years ago
Dane Cook is fuckin Grade A hilarious... and if you don't think so.. you're a terrorist!
12 years ago
Well, it's nice people find him funny, but that sucked. Course I also have the flu and have been doing some righteous vomiting the last few days myself which might be why I find the subject matter completely unamusing. Also, for the TMI section, I use an empty office garbage can (You know the little foot high one). That way I can do it in a more comfortable place and it doesn't splash back in my face. Clean it out after every use.
12 years ago
Those puking noises he makes sounds kinda like the SWAT-team in South Park when they storm a place, so funny...
12 years ago
I've seen two of these so far and it is yet to elicit so much as a smirk from me. Not my style of humour I guess.
12 years ago
he's just not that funny. I taught 9th graders and a few loved him. That's his audience.
12 years ago
sometimes, when your with your friends, you'll go off on something really funny and then you keep elaborating on it and talk about a mix between something that did happen, and what could have, or should have happened. and you'll laugh your asses off. but put that bit on stage and it doesn't have quite the same effect.

i still think he can be pretty funny sometimes though. but i think his humor lies in the followthrough/personality, rather than the content itself.
12 years ago
I laughed a bit when he started with the puking noises, but the watching that made me remember some bad nights...
12 years ago
I can almost see Dane Cook jumping a shark-infested pool on his motorcycle.


You want funny.... you want Mitch.
12 years ago
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