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The Right Man

haha you can tell he works hard on his speeches


by Derk

submitted May 23rd 2006

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Colbert Report is funnier.
12 years ago
way to go! Get that bastard! Yes! Thats one point for.... hmm...
12 years ago
I bet if you go back and watch alot of Bush's speeches, you'll find ALOT of repetition....
12 years ago
A whole lot of retard is more like it
12 years ago
Looks like John Stewart has been watching David Spade's show.

12 years ago
you really think bush wrote that. i mean seriously now, when has a president ever written his own speeches.
12 years ago
the 1800's
12 years ago
in order for bush to write his own speeches he would first need to be able to read...
12 years ago

Nice zinger!
12 years ago
Hey now, where's the usual muchosuckers who support Bush?

I miss those retarded arguments of them trying to defend Bush. It was funny. :(
12 years ago
Good point, when was the last time any President wrote his own speeches?

Also, when was the last time Jon Stewart was funny?

Here's Jon Stewart.... here's Jon Stewart jumping the shark about a year ago. *yawn*
12 years ago
who cares? most people cite public speaking as their number 1 fear.

worry about his other follies.
12 years ago
Well then we all agree it's the writer's fault for not being coherent enough to realize he gave the president the same speech for this year....working hard or hardly working?

agreed Booddles, I miss'em too.
12 years ago
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