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Kickboxer want stop causes riot

man the chairs go flying.


by Stephen

submitted May 23rd 2006

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Fucking idiot thats Muay Thai, not western kickboxing.
12 years ago
the guy is the tan jacket...worthy fuckin adversary, worthy fuckin adversary.
12 years ago
12 years ago
there freakin out because the fighter they bet on was winning and the fight ended thats my guess
12 years ago
im glad i wasnt there
12 years ago
That was Muai Thai fighter vs a kick boxer, note the navy kick boxing bottoms.
12 years ago
lmao at the HUGE pile of chairs at the end
12 years ago
"That's the craziest thing I've ever seen!"

He obviously doesn't visit MuchoSucko.
12 years ago
It almost looks like the crowd was chucking chairs in the ring so they could give everyone something to fight with and keep the entertainment going.
12 years ago
first asian video without people vomiting or pooping on each other.
12 years ago
lol anyone notice the guy that lifted the chair then looked towards the crowds and said wait dont hit me and put the chair back down and was like shit too late and boom headshot got taken out lol
12 years ago
Muay Thai has been known to be called Kickboxing too.... Sheesh...

It's like Football being called Soccer.

:P Tiger Knee!
12 years ago
Or thai boxing which i usually call it because it when you say you do Muai Thai alot of people dont know what it is and are compelled to make some sort of stupid kung fu type stance with sound effects.
12 years ago
LOL! That was amazing!

...and now more chairs...
12 years ago
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